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Text Box: Welcome to the ECRP Website

We all know the results of the last two Presidential elections and, let’s be honest, they were not good for our Republic or for the Republican Party!


Now, we must fight for our country and do it on principle and not the usual politics.  Our beloved Republic is near the breaking point.  If it fails, it is our fault for not standing up for what’s right.  We must demand that our elected officials uphold the Constitution, or we will not support them.  We must put forward candidates that are worthy of our respect and support.  It must start at the bottom of the party and that is right here. 


Join us, and let’s put our Constitutional Republic back where it belongs as the beacon of freedom for other nations to emulate!

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Text Box: Is Harry Reid pro gun or anti gun?  Click here to see.  Also, Gun Owners of America 2012 candidate ratings are available by clicking here.
GOA is not fooled by what the candidates say, they research and judge them based on what they’ve done.
Text Box: «««
2011 Lincoln Day Dinner

Thanks to the headline speakers that made it a success...
Brian Sandoval  -   Governor (via phone)
John Ensign - U.S. Senate
Dean Heller  -  U. S. Congress (via phone)
John Ellison - NV Assembly
And thanks to Master of Ceremonies, Mark Amodei - NRP Chairman
Thank you Newmont and Barrick for sponsoring the VIP Reception




US Senator



NV Assemblyman



NRP Chair



ECRP Chair



ECRP Vice Chair



Nevada 2011

Reapportionment & Redistricting


Every ten years, following the Federal Census, the Nevada State Legislature is responsible for reapportioning and redistricting the districts for:

· The United States House of Representatives;

· The Nevada State Senate;

· The Nevada State Assembly;

· The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents; and

· The State Board of Education.

Nevada has adequate population to gain a fourth congressional seat and, therefore, the Legislature must divide the State’s population as nearly as practicable into fourths for these four members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The legislative committees charged with reapportionment and redistricting for the 2011 Legislative Session are the Senate and Assembly Committees on Legislative Operations and Elections.

Local governments also reapportion and redistrict the districts for county commission, city council, and school board of trustees.


Please click here (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Division/Research/Districts/Reapp/2011/) for more information.


Check frequently for updates...

««RESOLUTION! Opinion on National Delegate Binding Rules««


Please read the following resolution that was passed by the Nevada Republican Party State Central Committee at their November 17, 2012, meeting. 


You may download the PDF copy of resolution by clicking here.

Text Box: ««« Governor Sandoval’s letter to President Obama   «««
Read Governor Sandoval’s letter to President Obama asking for his assistance in clearing the way for job growth in Nevada through speeding up the years-long mine permitting process.  Click here to read his letter.
Text Box: ««« Thank you Elko VFW!   «««
Elko’s Veterans of Foreign Wars is graciously allowing the use of their facility for our quarterly Central Committee meetings.  Many thanks to these fine service men and women.
Text Box: «««2012 Precinct Information «««

See the 2012-2014 Precinct Captains and Secretaries here.
See the 2012-2014 Central Committeemen here.

Text Box: «««Register to Vote ONLINE! «««

If you need to register to vote or change your party affiliation, you may now do it online by clicking here.

(Or you may register in person at the Elko County Clerk’s office)

Text Box: ««« WARNING!  Protect our sovereignty from Agenda 21  «««

Please read the following resolution that was unanimously passed by the Nevada Republican Party State Central Committee at their November 17, 2012, meeting.  

Inform your public officials of this dangerous United Nations agenda of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control - then hold them accountable.

You may download a PDF copy of the resolution by clicking here.  Email it to others (save it to your computer by right clicking on the link and choose “Save Target As...”).

Want to learn more?  Watch the video and see the links below the resolution.

Watch the “Agenda 21 for Public Officials” video by clicking here or on the image below (Flash Video format).

Links for additional information on Agenda 21:

American Policy Center

Freedom Advocates

Text Box: ««RESOLUTION! Reestablish Republican Unity and Principles««

Please read the following resolution that was passed by the Nevada Republican Party State Central Committee at their November 17, 2012, meeting.  The full resolution is five pages in length including a cover letter, resolution, and addendum.  All five pages should be read to ensure clarity and justification for the claims and appeals made within the resolution.

You may download the entire PDF copy of the cover letter, resolution, and addendum by clicking here. 

Download the entire PDF copy (5 pages) of the cover letter, resolution, and addendum by clicking here.

January 2013

January 12

9:00 AM

ECRCC Quarterly Meeting

Elko County Library

January 25

5:30 PM

7:00 PM

ECRP Lincoln Day Dinner

VIP Reception


Red Lion Inn & Casino, 2065 Idaho St., Elko, NV

Contact: Lynne Hoffman at 775-738-3920