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Elko County Republican Elected Officials

Congressman -                   MARK AMODEI

Governor -                           JOE LOMBARDO

Lt. Governor -                      STAVROS ANTHONY

State Contoller -                  ANDY MATTHEWS

State Senator -                   PETE GOICOECHEA

Assemblyman -                  BERT GURR

County Commissioner -     WILDE BROUGH

County Commissioner -     JON KARR

County Commissioner -     DELMO ANDREOZZI

County Commissioner -     TRAVIS GERBER

County Commissioner -     REX STENINGER

District Attorney -               TYLER INGRAM

Sheriff -                               AITOR NARVAIZA

County Clerk -                     KRIS JAKEMAN

County Assessor -              JANET IRIBARNE

County Recorder -              MICHAEL SMALES

County Treasurer -             CHERYL PAUL

Public Administrator -       DEBRA ARMUTH

Elko Mayor -                        REECE KEENER

Elko City Councilwoman -  MANDY SIMONS

Elko City Councilman -       CHIP STONE

Elko City Councilman -       CLAIR MORRIS

Elko City Councilman -       GIOVANNI PUCCINELLI

Carlin Mayor -                     DANA HOLBROOK

Carlin Councilwoman -      DENISE TAYLOR

Wells Councilwoman -        LAURA MOORE-DELRIO

Wells Councilman -             JONATHON GOOLSBY

Wells Councilman -             CHRIS MICHELI

W. Wendover Councilman - NICHOLAS FLORES

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