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Paid for by the Elko County Republican Party

A resolution of the Elko County Nevada Republican Party In Support of the Make America Great Again Movement

Whereas our great nation experienced unparalleled prosperity over the past four years under the Make America Great Again Movement and millions of patriots watched with pride as the country they recognized and loved was beginning to be restored;

Whereas a record number of 74 million Americans voted in the last presidential election for the man that began the MAGA Movement and now watch in horror from the outside as the new President dismantles the progress of the last four years;

Whereas the MAGA Movement attracted record numbers of historically Democrat voters;

Whereas the MAGA Movement stirs hope and inspiration with defense of American sovereignty, resistance to China’s domination, tax cuts, strong immigration policies, walls around our borders, conservative judges, environmentally responsible energy independence, in-person voting, strong trade policies, limits on abortions, record low unemployment and support for our police; and

Whereas those inspiring policies are countered by the Democrat support of globalism, destruction of our economy with the “Green New Deal” using threats of climate catastrophe and the pandemic, ruination of our hard-won energy independence, demands for higher taxes, support for illegal immigration, walls and troops in our Capitol, universal mail-in ballots, censorship of conservatives and the prosecution of their political opponents; now, therefore, be it

Resolved that the Elko County Republican Party:

  1. whole-heartedly and enthusiastically supports the continuation of the MAGA Movement; and

  2. strongly urges our Republican leaders at the local, state, and national levels to adopt the policies of the Movement as their platform to give our loyal patriots hope and direction.

This resolution adopted unanimously by the Elko County Republican Party Executive Committee on February 1, 2021.



We all hope for a better year than 2020. Toward that goal, the Elko County Commission met on, Wednesday, January and adopted a resolution "In Support of the Local Economy and Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Restrictions....", designated Resolution 2021-01. The Elko County Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously supports this resolution.

We urge you to read the resolution.You can read the text of the draft resolution on the county website by clicking here.

You can watch a video of the Commission to listen to the discussion here.

We hope that many of you will express your support of the County Commission taking a strong stand in this matter.

We are preparing for the 2021 Legislative Session. The Dems will try to:

>Mess even more with election laws;

>Tax us all into poverty;

>Pass the resolutions changing the state constitution to overtax our mining industry;

>Continue all the mischief started in the summer "Special Sessions"

We will track legislation and hearings.

We need YOU to testify, and contact legislators. If you can help send an email here and we will add you to our list.

Watch for more information

Our office is now closed until 2022 election time when we need to take back the Governor's office.

Elko County Republicans at Independence Day Parade

Important Dates



March 1, 2021  - Elko County Republican Party EXCOM meeting - 5:30 pm, Coldwell Excel Office at 700 Idaho St., Elko


________________________________________________________ April 6 (Tuesday), 2021  - Elko County Republican Party EXCOM meeting - 5:30 pm, Coldwell Banker Office at 700 Idaho St., Elko


April 9-10, 2021 - Nevada Republican Central Committee meeting - Carson City 


April 17, 2021  - Elko County Republican Party Central Committee meeting (including officer elections), 9:00 AM at DMV Building Meeting Room at 3920 East Idaho St. Elko


May 3, 2021  - Elko County Republican Party EXCOM meeting - 5:30 pm, Coldwell Banker Office at 700 Idaho St., Elko


POSTPONED  TO DATE UNCERTAIN - Lincoln Day Dinner at Boys and Girls Club of Elko - watch for more information

Regarding Rush Limbaugh

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Elko County Republican Party elected officers -

Chair: Lee Hoffman (Elko)

Vice Chair: Jim Cooney (Elko)

Treasurer: Jim Conner (Elko)

Recording Secretary:

Monique Heieie (Spring Creek)

Corresponding Secretary:

Lynne Hoffman (Elko)


Members at Large (Representing Elko County on the State Central Committee):
Lynne Hoffman (Elko)

Jerry Cooney (Elko)

Ralph Sacrison (Elko)

Lina Blohm (Elko)

Michael Katsonis (West Wendover)

Neil McQueary (Ruby Valley)

Ed Morgan (Spring Creek)

Art Moses (Spring Creek)

Stephanie Licht (Spring Creek)

Glen Deininger (Wells)